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Essential Earthing

Connect to your Heart Purefume 10ml

Connect to your Heart Purefume 10ml

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Heart-Mind Harmony 

Our inaugural blend, "Connect to Your Heart," was born in response to global disconnection. Inspired by a deep calling to restore unity on a grand scale, our founder crafted this high-vibrational essential oil blend, focusing on the emotional properties of each oil to foster mind and heart harmony.

Featuring Rose Damask (the oil of divine love), Manuka (the oil of being upheld), Geranium (the oil of love and trust), and Copaiba (the oil of unveiling), this blend is infused with bio-energetic coherence frequencies, charging the Rose Quartz crystals with the intention to bring clarity, calm, and connection, to self and those around you.

Fractionated Coconut Oil*, 100% Pure Essential Oils; Copaiba, Geranium*, Rose Damask* & Manuka* (*denotes certified organic)

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